Best service for your home


Best service for your home

Best service for your home

Maintain a long roof life with us!
The natural debris can be quite damaging and all those beautiful autumn leaves can wreck havoc on your roof. Blockage can be with the little moisture and the feather light leaves that biodegrade into the soggy, heavy mass which clogs the drains and blocks suppers and invites the fungi, mold and the mildew. This results in debris buildup and unintended consequences. If it is not promptly removed, the leaves and the debris can lead to the backed up water that increases the live load on the roof deck. Standing water that is just one inch deep can add up to five pounds per square foot of the live load on the roof assembly.

What can we do for you?

  • Standing water, over the time, can leach the pliable properties out of the single ply membranes that reduce the flexibility and the life of the roof.
  • o, with Refined Homes, you will have the preventative maintenance which will reduce the risk of gutter clogging and in case you face any such problem, our expert team will be here to sort that out for you.
  • Our maintenance team is trained to look for the leaves and the debris around the drains and the scuppers. The team will have the frequent checks and the prompt debris removal that is necessary to prevent the buildup and the blockage.
  • The areas of standing water indicates blocked drains and the partially blocked drains are the ones that allow water flow, albeit sluggishly and even if you don’t see the standing water that doesn’t mean that you are not going to have a drainage problem.
  • Also, the staining of the roof’s surface indicates previous ponding which is again a red flag for you. Our qualified professionals will take a look towards all your problems.
  • The expert team at Refined Homes will look into professional inspection in addition to the disposing of the leaves and the debris. There is always a qualified roofing specialist that will water test both the internal and the external drains and inspect out the gutters and the downspouts for you.
  • There will be various other little things that might escape your notice, but the maintenance crew will keep that in mind like the early problems with flashings, mortar, seams, sealants and penetrations. Gutters and the downspouts will be checked for sagging, loose connections, broken or the missing fasteners.

The team of experts at Refined Homes will carry on the routine inspections and the preventive maintenance programs as these are the key to long roof life. Call our service department today for the best roof services.

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