Deck Designing & Building

Deck Designing & Building

Refined Homes specializes in custom decks. We know that every homeowner dreams of creating a perfect outdoor space and we are here to make that dream come true.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a deck that matches your home’s structure and style, as well as your taste and budget. We will make sure it is built according to the highest standards in the industry, using only quality materials and employing only the best deck constructors.

Besides traditional decks, our company also offers design and construction of covered decks. You can choose between a full roof or a pergola for a completely protected deck that also reflects your personality. Covered decks not only allow more privacy but they also enable you to use this area of your home throughout the whole year. This is especially true if you decide to use deck accessories such as screened walls or windows, as well as a gas fireplace. For real hedonists, our designing team will suggest additions such as ceiling fans, LED lights, or even a TV!

Regardless of the type of deck you choose, safety is our number one priority!

Designer Deck Companies


Once you call Refined Homes, our specialists will arrive at your home to discuss your needs, expectations, ideas, and budget. Here’s some preliminary information to help you choose the best deck option for your home.

We make most of the decks in the Germantown area using the following materials:

  • Cedar and redwood – In addition to being quite expensive, these options are also high-maintenance since they need frequent sealing. They do scratch and stain easily but are very resistant to insects and rotting. If properly maintained, these decks can last for up to twenty years.
  • Hardwood is also a pricey option but, unlike cedar and redwood, it requires moderate maintenance. It doesn’t stain or scratch easily and is very resistant to deterioration. It can last for over forty years.
  • Pressure treated wood is lowest in price but highest-maintenance since it requires frequent board replacements. It scratches, splits, and cracks easily and lasts between 10 and 15 years.
  • Composites/ PVC/Vinyl are at the higher price range but are lowest maintenance. Their texture and color are very durable. Capped composites and PVC are very resistant to fading, stains, and scratches. These decks typically last for over 25 years.

Note – No matter which material your deck is made of, it needs to be inspected every year for safety reasons and cleaned with water and soap to maintain its appearance.

Decking Brands We Use

Refined Homes prefers brands that have good reputation and experience in the industry. In addition to offering a wide variety of styles, they also offer value and warranty. Here are some of the brands we use:

  • TimberTech
  • TrexProGold Contractor
  • Fiberon
  • Azek

If you live in Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, MD and need a new deck, give us a call. The Refined Homes specialists rely on their expertise to offer the best deck solutions and make your dreams reality.