Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance

Professional deck maintenance servicing Montgomery County, Maryland
Decks are exposed to nature all year, so they require regular maintenance. With maintenance, you’ll protect your investment, prevent expensive repairs, and keep the deck a pleasant place for enjoying yourself.
Refined Homes is a family-owned and operated Home Improvement Business Serving Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, and surrounding areas. We’ve become the most in-demand deck maintenance company in these areas. We offer high standards, evident in our work since we leave satisfied clients every time.
Your deck is your sanctuary – place for a quality time and relaxation with friends and family. Allow Refined Homes to undertake the regular deck maintenance with our proven techniques.

Deck Washing Services


A dirty deck is unattractive and the surface becomes slippery which poses a safety risk. Mold and mildew cause damage if not removed. Dirt and leaves will decompose and cause stains over time. Our professionals will get rid of the dirt with deck washing. With washing the deck frequently, we’ll reduce debris buildup.

Our professionals will remove the complete old stain from the deck. Vertical surfaces as spindles or coated floorboards may not entirely come clean. But when we apply sealant to them, it blends in well.

Note: After we strip your deck, it’s common to require a maintenance coating the next year. Refined Homes can apply a maintenance coat of toner to optimize color maintenance and give you 2 to 3 years before restoring it again.


We use a wood cleaner that eliminates gray wood fibers and kills mold and mildew. It allows the sealant to enter deeper into the board’s core. With deck brightening, you’ll increase the durability of the treatment and save money in treatments during the life of your deck.

Deck Builder Germantown MD


Moisture is the worst threat to a deck, so let us help you extend the deck’s value and life. The exposed decks need to be stained every few years since they fade with time.

With staining your deck, our team of experts will add extra protection to it. The stain will provide an additional block from ultraviolet light that causes graying. Deck staining is the fastest way to better your deck’s appearance.

Sealing your deck every 3 to 4 years will protect the wood from moisture that leads to the replacement of the deck. Sealing, as opposed to staining, allows the wood grain to show through more. Our company will make your wood structures with a pleasing blend of natural and rich colors after being sealed.


With our superior equipment and proven methods, you can rest assured we deliver high-quality work for wood and concrete services of all kinds.
Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so contact us for deck maintenance services anywhere in Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, and the surrounding areas, and enjoy your beautiful outdoor area for the next years.