Deck Repair

Deck Repair

Whether you want to entertain guests or sit and enjoy a good book, having a deck is a great addition to the home. But being exposed to the elements, decks get easily damaged. Luckily, our company is an expert in deck repair.


If you notice some of the following signs, it means your deck needs immediate repair. A timely professional intervention will prevent further damages and protect you and your family from possible injuries.

Rotten wood A rotten deck will commonly have the following characteristics: wood discoloration, spongy areas, and/or soft spots. They usually result from excess humidity and moisture which cause bacteria growth. Wood decay can weaken the deck and make it unstable. If it’s not repaired right away, it can even collapse!

Cracked, warped, or split boards Wood is prone to damages caused by the elements or by pests. If you notice structural damages such as splits or cracks on the boards, it’s time to ask for a professional help. They signalize that your deck is weakened and can easily collapse. Oftentimes, weak decks become bouncy or wobbly when you walk around them. In addition, your kids can easily trip on the damaged areas or hurt themselves on the splinters.

Stains and discoloration Those who use their decks for outdoor entertaining know how susceptible they are to stains caused by spilled food or drinks. Although discoloration, fading, and stains don’t pose an immediate threat, if left untreated for a longer period of time, they can affect the deck’s stability and appearance. Substances such as engine fluid, cooking solution, or certain cleaning agents can be especially harmful because they can corrode the deck. In time, the corroded deck will become weathered and dull.

Molds and pests Pests and mold can penetrate the wood and cause serious damage which compromises the deck’s integrity. Mold can also cause the wood to rot. In that case, in addition to calling a deck contractor, you should also consider consulting a pest control specialist.

Loose connectors Screws, fasteners, and nails support the whole deck structure and provide stability. That’s why they mustn’t be loose or corroded. Inspect your deck for any rusty or popped connectors and call RefinedHomes for restoration or repair.

Unstable stairs and railings If you notice any weaken or loose stairs, steps, and railings, ensure to take immediate action and repair them to avoid injuries.


RefinedHomes offers a variety of deck repair services for our Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country clients. Once you call us, our team of professionals will come to your home to assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs.
We’ll remove and replace any damaged boards. If any wood portions need to be removed, we’ll perform the job quickly and efficiently and fill the spaces with special repair agents. Our services also include rot repair, board gap repair, and more!
Whether your deck needs a few simple repairs or a major intervention, RefinedHomes is your best solution! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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