Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

Refined Homes should be your first call if you decide to install residential roofing. Our experienced roofing contractors offer proper roofing installation, using quality materials. They understand which roofing products are right for every situation.

Our company offers roof repair and replacement, besides roof installation. We operate in Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, and the surrounding areas.


Our roofing professionals begin the residential appointments by checking the surface. Our team of experienced contractors is well proficient in inspection techniques. They verify if each section is permanently attached to the deck without any loose parts. The contractors will note anomalies, if any, and report them to you for possible repair.

Our roofers are specifically trained for each roof type since installation and maintenance are completely different for every surface.

residential roof


Nowadays, metal roofs and asphalt shingles are the materials usually used in roofing. However, the contractors will choose the materials based on the roof’s type, occupancy, slope, and weather conditions.

It takes a qualified and professional roofing company to meet the demands for residential roofing and offer good advice about the materials that work best for it. You need a company with an excellent reputation for providing quality-roofing materials with skilled roofing technicians for installation purposes.

Residential and steep slope roofs
Residential buildings need steep slope roofs. They usually have a slope greater than 14 degrees, giving the ability to the roof to shed water. A steep slope will direct rain down without relying as heavily on gutters and drains.

Refined Homes allow a homeowner to customize the look of their home since we offer quality residential roofing systems in different colors and shingle types. You can choose from many roofing materials used on steep slope roofs:

  • natural wooden shakes
  • fiberglass shingles
  • polymer tiles

Residential roofing repair and replacement services
The structure of the roof diverts water, so less damage occurs to a residential roof if shingles are damaged or missing. Also, roof repair for steep slope roofs is less extensive if you notice damage early. Our team of experts uses many tools to repair damages and replace the roof if necessary.

The Refined Homes stand out with our added expertise in helping you with your insurance claims after your commercial property suffers roof damage. Also, our company does a clean-up job and considers it part of the service. They gather and remove the debris discarded from your roof during installation or removal. Roofing debris includes:
roofing nails
pieces of fascia and flashing
roofing felt and underlayment
pieces of drip edge and extra decking

Integrity, expertise, and the best materials
Homeowners throughout Germantown, Maryland have trusted Refined Homes for years. Our company builds your roofs with great materials. Skilled roofing professionals install the residential roofing. Your roof will be protected for decades.