Roof Design

Roof Design


Choosing the right roof design is a significant decision for every homeowner. Besides its functionality to protect, it also has a major impact on the style and exterior of your house.
Refined Homes has all the designs of roofing that you’re looking for. We operate in Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, and the surrounding areas. Our experts offer high-quality roofing services that provide such benefits as long-term durability and energy efficiency.
Considerations to Make
Before choosing a roof design, you need to consider some factors that will work for both an aesthetic and practical point of view. It’s not just about picking the design, but also considering how it’s insulated, which structural system is used, and whether you plan to use your roof space as a living space.
Each house needs a unique solution to what is the ideal and most affordable choice to the homeowner. Refined Homes provides a variety of roofing designs. We offer different colors and types of shake, shingles, and tiles. Contact us for a representative to assist you in making the right choice for your house.


We start all our projects with an evaluation. Our team of experts will meet with you to explain the different designs of roofing and choose the ideal one that suits your home, according to your preferences and needs. They’ll perform precise measurement and choose the best design within your budget.

Our contractors will guide you through the whole planning, construction, and the maintenance process. Our company ensures you receive the highest quality roof design.


Our company only uses first-class materials to ensure safety and dryness for your home. Our professionals perform the roofing installation process quickly and you can choose various roof designs:

  • gable roofs
  • flat roofs
  • hip roofs
  • and more

Gable Roofs
This design easily shed debris, water, and snow, while giving more ventilation in your attic. Our experts can cover these roofs with almost any roofing material. Also, the labor costs will be cheaper since they are easy to design and build.

Flat Roofs
Our team of experts can install flat roofs on commercial or industrial buildings and residential houses as well. Cooling and heating systems can be placed on the flat surface without a problem. You’ll get a modern-style home with this type of roof!

Hip Roofs
These are one of the strongest designs. The inward slope on the four sides makes it a perfect design for snowy and high wind areas. This design allows for more ventilation and grand vaulted attics or ceilings. Hip roofs work with many materials, but our experts will suggest concrete roof tiles since they accentuate their beauty the most.

We stand by our work

Refined Homes believes in the values of integrity, reliability, safety, hard work, and professionalism. These qualities have helped Refined Homes to be a leader in roof services for homeowners throughout Germantown, Maryland.

By choosing our company, you can rest assured you’ll get the perfect roof design and the strongest roof.