Siding Repair & Installation

Siding Repair & Installation

Restyle and protect your home with a new siding from RefinedHomes!

Our company offers a wide array of long-lasting siding options in Germantown, Maryland (we operate in Montgomery County, PG County, Frederick, Anne Arundel, Howard Country, and the surrounding areas).

RefinedHomes siding options include:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Insulated vinyl siding
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Soffits and fascia

However, our siding offers much more than good looks. If you choose us, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Weather protection
  • Fire resistance
  • Rust and rot resistance
  • Mildew and mold resistance
  • Fade resistance

Whether you need to completely replace your home’s siding or you just need to repair it, our team of specialists will perform the job quickly and efficiently.


Refined Homes installs a variety of siding, including traditional horizontal siding, shake and shingle siding, and board and batten siding.

At the beginning of the project, our experts will visit your home in order to discuss your style, needs, and budget. They’ll offer a variety of siding types and colors to choose from and work out the best schedule to perform the job.

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We take pride in our ability to install various types of siding quickly and thoroughly.

  • The installation process begins with the delivery of materials to your home. We use only high-quality materials, carefully packaged to avoid damage.
  • Then, the old siding is removed. Any damaged or rotten wood is cut and replaced.
  • Your home is covered in a synthetic material to protect it during the works.
  • All outside and inside corners, as well as sill areas, are flashed to prevent water penetration.
  • Next, we miter-cut corner trim J channels to make the final product even more beautiful.
  • We begin with a starter strip to insures to ensure quality and durability.

After the installation, the site is thoroughly cleaned up from any debris by using a high-power magnet. This way we make sure that no family members end up hurt after we leave.

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Siding is very important not only for your home’s appearance but also for its protection. If your siding is damaged, moisture will easily penetrate your home and cause a number of problems.

Some of the most common reasons for siding damage include:

  • Mold and mildew – they can decrease the siding’s strength
  • Rot – too much moisture can result in siding decay or rust development
  • Water – excess water around or inside the siding can result in a wide array of problems
  • Wind - strong winds can lead to missing siding pieces
  • Heat – very hot weather can result in melting or warping
  • Hail – hail can easily damage your siding


The RefinedHomes specialists can handle siding repairs of any type, be it leaks, cracks, a damaged fascia, or rust! Call us now, and they’ll make sure to visit your home end estimate the damage within 24 hours!

They’ll also take notes on your existing siding’s style, texture, and color in order to match the new siding perfectly.

Next, they work out the best schedule for you. Once the material is delivered, the experts will work quickly and efficiently to replace the damaged siding and make your home beautiful again.

If you need professional siding services, call RefinedHomes and schedule and appointment today!