We offer the best quality window repair


We offer the best quality window repair

In case you want to make sure that your windows can stand up to the high winds, storms or you want to fortify your home against the burglaries, investing in window repairs turns out to be the best decision for most of the homeowners. Also, if you want to add some beautiful vistas to your garden area or the bay area seascape, sliding glass door is one such facility available with us. The best part is that all our services are elegant, convenient and easy to use. The customers will have easy access to the backyard, balcony or to bring in the fresh air from the windows when required.

Let’s understand when to repair or replace your windows!!

If your windows are old, drafty or ugly, then there’s something wrong with your windows. You might assume that the only choice is to replace them; however it is also possible to repair the damaged windows. You need to consider the condition of the glass, frame and other components as this will help you in making a cost-effective decision.

A rotting window frame – In case your home has real windows then years of negligence can cause rotting in the wood. The paint will peel down and the windows will not sit tightly in the frames. This will furthermore create energy-wasting drafts. If the windows are severely rotted, then removing the glass and rebuilding the frame could cost you as much as the installation of the new windows. In this case, the choice of window replacement will be the best.

A broken glass – If a massive hailstorm cracks your living room window, what will you do? Replace the pane or the whole window? In most of the cases, if the frame is in good condition, it will be more cost effective to replace out the cracked, scratched and the broken glasses while keeping out the original frame. In case the windows are old, a full replacement will be a better up gradation.

A drafty window – Is it possible for everyone to huddle in the middle of the room to avoid out the uncomfortable drafts that come out of the windows? This problem can be solved with the help of caulk and weather stripping. However, if the draft is caused by a loose sash or a rotten wood, a single pane glass then the window replacement service is probably the best thing you can go for. Getting the new double pane windows will help your home look a lot more comfortable and energy efficient.

Refined Homes will guide you towards the best window repair and replacement services, the customers would be happy as everything is available to you at affordable rates.

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